XR Trainer
Features and Benefits

Who actually says that learning can’t be fun?
Thanks to the XR Trainer, a whole new way of learning opens up. Learners are immersed in a virtual world and can interact and solve exciting tasks.

Features. and benefits.

Easy to operate

Easy and fast: In just a few clicks you are ready to start your virtual learning journey. Our intuitive user interface allows you to fully focus on learning soft skills.


Universal accessibility: Whether VR headset, desktop PC or mobile devices, the XR Trainer is with you everywhere. No special hardware required!

Gamified Learning

Fun learning: Our gamification* elements with leaderboards, feedback systems and storytelling approaches ensure an engaging and sustainable learning experience.


Interactive learning: Immerse yourself in a fascinating virtual world to interact with avatars in exciting, non-linear dialogues. Our experts from the fields of science, game design and specialist authors provide you with an effective transfer of learning.



Lively avatars: Our avatars reflect realistic facial expressions and gestures, arouse emotions and thus enable a deeper understanding of the learning content through the interpretation of non-verbal signals.

Training World

Immersive experience: Our realistic 3D world with near-lifelike avatars promotes intensive learning and ensures significantly more effective and sustainable knowledge transfer.


Our servers in Germany are ISO 27001 certified and PEN tested. In addition, we guarantee DSGVO-compliant data processing so that your information is always protected and secure.

Virtual reality

Focused learning: In our protected virtual world, you can practice without distractions and acquire new skills through real-life scenarios. Adaptive feedback adjusts to learning progress and provides a personalized training experience.

Communication & Leadership

Our platform promotes essential skills, from intercultural communication to conflict management.

Virtual Reality. Train effectively.

Emotional learning

The XR Trainer uses Extended Reality* to set emotions as anchors for sustainable learning. In this way, what is learned remains in the memory longer.

Active learning

Instead of passive knowledge absorption, the XR Trainer promotes active application through realistic simulations and exercises. From knowledge to real competence!

No boredom

Forget monotonous lectures and blocks of text. The XR Trainer turns learning into an exciting adventure, increasing engagement.

“Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back.”
Benjamin Britten

Future of education

Experience first-class and practice-oriented training with the XR Trainer.

Human Resources Development. Future-proof.

Scientifically sound

Born out of intensive research and numerous user feedbacks, the XR Trainer offers field-proven soft skills training that combines science and real-world experience for compelling learning outcomes.

What is the XR Trainer?

An immersive* learning experience that combines fun learning with technology. The gamified learning* approach motivates and enables the effective acquisition of new skills in real-world scenarios.

Future of learning

The XR Trainer sets new standards in digital learning. It enables flexible, sustainable learning - anywhere, anytime, thanks to the power of virtual reality and its advanced technology platform.

“Learning is only sustainable when emotional activation* occurs.” Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther*

Innovation* & Learning

Through virtual reality, we are revolutionizing employee training and making continuing education a tangible experience.

Continuing education. Anytime, Anywhere.

Personalized learning environment

Customizable: On request, we modify the learning environment according to your wishes and integrate your corporate design for a consistent learning atmosphere.

Support & FAQ

Do you have any further questions or would you like advice?

How can you use the XR Trainer?

Individual contents

Goal-oriented and flexible: We develop courses that are aligned with your specific needs and goals so that your team learns exactly what they need to succeed.

Glossary. Because knowledge doesn't hurt.

Emotional activation refers to the targeted use of emotions to intensify the learning experience and enhance knowledge transfer. Through emotional involvement, what is learned is anchored more deeply in memory and can be recalled more effectively later.

A (complex) innovation. Follows invention as an economic decision due to proximity to economic use. Can be incremental (incremental innovation) or radical (disruptive innovation).

An index of technical terms with precise definitions used to help readers understand specific terms.

To the glossary

Collective term for technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality that blur the boundaries between the real and digital worlds and create a new level of interactivity and realism. The “X” in the abbreviation stands as a variable for the yet unknown future immersive technologies.

The use of game-typical elements, for example challenging problems to be solved in a limited time with increasing levels of difficulty, immediate feedback after small learning successes or ranking lists with high scores and awards. Gamification elements appeal to the emotions, they should trigger curiosity and ambition.

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