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This module of the XR Trainer is the direct result of our partnership with Meta and Bertrandt. With the goal of conducting an independent study on the potential of virtual reality (VR) and immersive technologies for lifelong learning and education.

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Real experience

Interact directly in realistic scenarios. Experience and understand cultural differences through face-to-face encounters with avatars from around the world.

Emotional learning

Experience the interplay of immersive storytelling and gamification. Dive deep into cultural encounters and feel the emotions.

Cultural immersion

The power of virtual reality allows you to experience cultural norms and values firsthand. A deeper understanding through real experiences.

Learning experience

Cross-cultural competency development with the XR Trainer provides a transformative experience. Instead of working through theories and models, you will be transported into a world where cultural encounters come alive. You make decisions, interact with avatars, and experience the consequences of your actions in real time. This hands-on approach, supported by cutting-edge technology, ensures a deep, emotional understanding of learning and optimally prepares you for real-life intercultural challenges.

Boundless communication

Master the art of intercultural communication and build bridges worldwide.

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Response to

This module will provide you with comprehensive insights into the multi-layered aspects of global communication. Gain confidence in dealing with international partners and promote successful intercultural action.


You will explore the differences between direct and indirect communication, learn about sequential and synchronous timing, and explore the nuances of factual and relational levels in different cultures.


In partnership with Meta, our team at Straightlabs is aggressively exploring the educational potential of VR. Our team of professors and experts is constantly working to incorporate insights directly into the evolution of XR Trainer to ensure a cutting-edge learning experience every time.


In XR Trainer, you will experience non-linear dialogues that challenge your communication skills. Based on your answers, you will receive detailed feedback. This feedback provides valuable learning impulses that you can use to improve your performance step by step. Within the virtual game world, you also have access to comprehensive information on relevant topics that support you in continuously expanding and deepening your competencies.

Immersive technologies

The XR Trainer uses the latest technologies to revolutionize education and promote lifelong learning.

Advantages. and relevance.

Interactive immersion

The training emphasizes interactive and emotional learning. It allows learners to be deeply immersed in different cultural scenarios and learn through experience.

Real challenges

Real-life scenarios challenge learners to continually expand their cultural understanding and build their intercultural skills in a dynamic environment.

Individual learning

Through the use of learning analytics and AI, each learner receives individualized feedback and recommendations that make the learning process efficient and targeted.

Global relevance

In our interconnected world, intercultural competence is crucial for the success of companies and for harmonious societies. This training module offers an innovative response to these challenges and contributes significantly to a deeper understanding and respect between different cultures.

Cultural immersion

Overcome cultural barriers. Experience cultural differences firsthand and foster mutual understanding and respect.

Overview. Contents.

Direct and Indirect Communication

Direct communication is clear and explicit, whereas indirect communication often requires subtle cues and context to be fully understood. Misunderstandings can arise when members of different cultures use or expect different communication styles. The XR Trainer helps users adapt their communication skills and trains them to effectively navigate both direct and indirect communication styles to overcome cultural barriers and build successful international relationships.

Sequential and synchronous timing

Sequential understanding of time views time as a linear sequence, while synchronous understanding of time allows for multiple events in parallel. Conflicts can arise when different perceptions of time clash and can affect collaboration and productivity. With the XR Trainer, participants learn to recognize and acknowledge different perceptions of time, leading to improved collaboration and more effective communication in a multicultural environment.

Factual and relationship level

While the subject level concerns the information and facts exchanged, the relationship level refers to the emotional level and the relationship between the communication partners. Often, the focus is placed on either the issue level or the relationship level, which can lead to disagreements and conflicts, especially in cross-cultural contexts. The XR Trainer provides a hands-on environment where users learn to balance between factual and relational levels. You will learn how to communicate effectively while maintaining relationships, which is essential for successful cross-cultural communication.

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Discover the future of learning: read our latest article in iMove Export magazine about our revolutionary XR Trainer software in the Metaverse. Find out how virtual reality is transforming soft skills training and preparing companies for international collaboration.

Tech Boost Summit 2024

In-depth insights into the use of virtual reality in education and the white paper presentation from the use of the XR Trainer at Bertrandt AG, organized by Straightlabs GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with META.


straightlabs GmbH & Co. KG, together with Bertrand AG and META, won the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the "Intercultural Competence Development" category.

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